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COVID-19 Glass Screen Protectors Are Here!!

 As the nation prepares to return to work, help keep your employees, customers, and yourself safe from COVID-19 with our Glass Protectors. 

Glass vs. Plexiglass


Benefits of using glass for your physical barriers.



Plexiglass is a difficult to disinfect porous material.

It contracts and harbors bacteria.

Plexiglass scratches easily.

It is not chemical resistant and over time, will begin to crack. 

Plexiglass requires special cleaners.

It does not meet certain cleaning requirements for hospitals.

Plexiglass becomes hazy or cloudy and breaks down over time with cleaning.

It retains more bacteria than glass after cleaning.

Plexiglass costs more than glass and will need to be replaced.



Glass is a non-porous material. 

It is food-grade safe after sanitizing.

Glass is scratch-resistant.

It is naturally chemical resistant.

Glass cleans with bleach, hospital-grade or standard cleansers.

It is preferred by hospitals.

Glass withstands even the most rigorous daily cleansing routines.

It holds fewer bacteria than plexiglass after cleaning.

Glass is premium grade and can last your office a lifetime.

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